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Hi, I'm Amber and I'm focused on building online communities .

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My tools

These are the tools I use to build a unique social media presence.
No project is too big or too small for me.

Social Audit

Social Checkup

Just like a doctor, I examine how my clients social accounts are performing using the data given. Then I'll offer insights and suggestions for improvement based on your data and my knowledge.


Persona Building

I'll develop an account persona that's both relatable and interesting but most importantly authentic to who or what you're here to talk about.


Social Strategy

Using data, current trends, and my passion for community to influence my creative vision, I'll deliver the highest of quality strategies from concept to execution.


Community Building

Everything from guidelines, management and growth strategies. I'll identify which tools and strategies are needed to build a truly passionate and healthy audience for years to come.

Past work

I've had the extraordinary opportunity to work at some truly amazing companies and build important side projects.
Here are a few:




Femsplain inspires discussion and connection through storytelling by amplifying the voices of trans/cis women, and gender nonconforming individuals. We believe stories are most powerful when people feel safe enough to authentically share themselves – that’s why we are building an inclusive space for everyone. Diversity, in identity and opinion, is crucial to building a strong community. We practice our beliefs by respecting: the experiences of our storytellers, cultural diversity in beliefs and giving our community multiple ways to connect, discuss and support one another.

I launched Femsplain in 2014 with the help of Gabriela Barkho and a countless amount volunteer support. It started as a personal project that quickly grew to publish over two thousand personal essays and a content syndication deal with Teen Vogue. I managed a small staff team of volunteers and corresponded with over five hundred contributors around the world.

In 2015 we launched a Kickstarter campaign where we went on to raise $30,608 to pay all of our writers for an entire year.

As of June 2017 Femsplain has been archived and my focus has shifted to Aloe.


Meet The Women Trying To Make The Internet A Safer Place For All Women
HuffPost Women, Feb. 17th, 2015

This Is Femsplain, Amber Gordon’s New Fem-Powered Online Community
The Observer, Dec. 1st, 2014

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Aloe Bud builds tools to help people take better care of themselves. Our first tool is the "check-in" and it's meant to build habits and accountability.

We've been testing our community garden care bot across Twitter (@aloebud). Our website has a self-care check-in quiz as well as a printable version that our community can print and physically check off. We've grown our email subscribers to thousands since January and are growing steadily across social media.

Now we're building a mobile app (iOS to start) that will allow folks to "check-in" with themselves daily in a stress-free and encouraging way.

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Hillary For America

Social Strategy

I'm very proud to say I helped register a record breaking 200 million Americans through social strategy and influencer initiatives.

In addition I managed the relationships with social influencers for 'Project Symphony' while working with our design team to strategize and seed exclusive original content to help Americans talk about the 2016 Election.

For fun we wished Hillary Clinton a “Happy Birthday” with 934 folks and reached 2.5 million people.

During the live Presidential debates I lead the charge in the HFA digital war room.



Creative Strategist

Using my experience creating the top Tumblr at Denny’s for engagement I was able to develop individual strategies for top clients.

Developed content and blog strategies for clients across all verticals.

Led multiple creative brainstorming sessions with agencies as well as content and blog audits.

Represented Tumblr at speaking events and creative roadshows at agencies around the country.

Formed and managed relationships with Tumblr artists for Creatrs program.


Denny’s Diner – Brand

Community Manager

Denny’s already had an effective presence on Facebook and YouTube, being named one of the most responsive brands on Facebook, but to break into Tumblr, Gotham Inc., a New York-based firm, hired me to take over Denny’s social media strategy.

I was hired to use the social networks as I would my own. That was my strategy.

By combining strategically placed GIFs with humorous content and memes that made sense for the brand, I created a huge Tumblr following with users even “shipping” an anthropomorphized Denny’s with another restaurant chain.


How Denny’s became Tumblr’s diner
Daily Dot, Jun. 11th, 2013

Denny’s Uses NSA Controversy As Hook For Bizarre Twitter Ad
Forbes, Jun. 11, 2013


Lasuni – Online Game

Community Manager

Lasuni was an online chatting game for kids that allowed players to create a custom avatar and hang out with friends in a virtual pixel world. I was brought in to grow the community and keep existing users engaged and happy.

During my time there I grew the community to ninety thousand active players. In addition I organized and promoted weekly events, wrote blog posts, and used social media to attract new players to the virtual world.


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